what it is, and more :)

it is the bend knee of our worship leader, taken by josh, her boy friend.

what i found interesting is that many who read this post and either commented here, or in community or via a email saw what i was trying to say - they got it, they grasped the idea that we jump to a conclusion based on what something looks like - mainly, we do this with people - and they get the idea that if we do we are not looking at things the way jesus wants us to look.

if we see a black teen wearing fubu and a head cap do we assume "gang member?" when we see a man from the middle east walking in an airport do we assume terrorist? when we see a man with tattoos do we assume prison? when we see a women dressed in a short skirt and walking into a night club, do we assume "easy?" you see, we assume many things about people based on what we see and not what we know.

now, some may see this as "juvenile" or "childish" when it is pointed out - for what ever reason they may have - but is it? is it juvenile to say, "making assumptions about a person based on looks is wrong?" is it juvenile to show a picture that gets the point across? if it is, then i welcome being called juvenile. if walking in the teachings of christ is childish, then i desire with all my heart to be a child.

you see, you can insult the person but you can never discount the reality that we are to look past the outside and look to the inside. in that, when we can truly do that as a people of christ we will find that our communities of faith will be a place where all people are welcomed. a place where we go past the idea of saying "all are welcomed" to become a place where all are truly welcomed. juvenile? i am cool with that.

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Joy said...

Some one once said to me, "To the pure, all things are pure."

In other words, we don't pervert things we see unless we have a perverted mind... Unfortunately, not only do I have a perverted mind, but my sense of humor has been affected by it also!!

John, I found the picture to be funny but your point to be poignant! Thanks... I want to see through the outside and into the heart! That's the way God sees us, right??

I read a book a while back... "The Listener" by Terry Blackstock. I rarely read fiction, but this was an exception that I am glad I made. It was about a man who discovers that he can hear what God hears... he hears their deepest spiritual needs.

I tend to lean towards the lowside on Mercy, but this book really opened me up. I am thinking, after your post, that I may need to re-read that little book...

spamthewunderdog said...

OK now...cool point. Patience is a virtue right??