the fix is in

it took some time, and there still is some tweaking we need to do - but we overhauled ginkworld - and it was a a process. but we think it looks cool. we are playing with the idea that we desire an "evolution" - so we gave ginkworld a very "cccp" theme - very "1917 revolution" - tell us what you think.

some changes:
we got rid of the java menu - because it gives foxfire people a fit - and replaced our menu with a simple css menu - we think it helps a great deal

we removed many of the "not needed" code so the site loads faster - while the index is php, we kept the back end html - it was a hard decision but one we felt would give us the ability to maintain the feel we desired

we added feeds to our blog, and our community blog [if you are interested in writing for our community blog - let me know] and we added some achieve feeds so past stories and stuff will come up on a random [we like random] basis - ever time you reload ginkworld a bunch of new "more" articles will pop-up.

we have added a youtube play list - and we will be changing this weekly with new videos - either music or just some crazy thing we like - it's like a trip to candy mountain, without the scar :)

some tweaking
we will be tweaking the article area over the next few weeks - we are trying to get the code to do what we need - most of it is going fine - but we are missing some font colors and we are trying to figure out what the deal is :)

we hope you like the new look - we hope you spread the word and tell others about us and what we are striving to do - we are a place where "normal" and radical voices can be heard in the noise that is around us.


Jeffrey said...

the revamp looks GREAT dude. good stuff.

Stephen said...

it looks fantastic jok!

Craig said...

Hey John,
I really like the new page. I bet some people will bat an eye at that.

I sent the link to my communist co-worker and he found it to too right wing for him, but liked the design. He responded with a link to a cartoon communist manifesto... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6gfkmQu4zQ
It's interesting. I appreciate a lot of their concerns. I guess that I mostly just worry that communism would be oppressive in it's own ways or that we would loose freedom of religion.
Still an interesting video.