ever get tired? i mean truly, in the heart tired? tired of all the garbage shared by the church and those who call themselves christian? you ever get to the point in your faith where you think what's it all for? why be a christian is there is no difference between those in church and those outside church? why deal with the judgments from those who need to look closer at their lives, before they make a call on your life? why take the time to invest in people who backstab, gossip, insult, belittle, hurt, assualt all in the name of christ?

for me, i am past the stage of hearing "we are just human" as an excuse to treating others like shit. i am tired - while i am processing my "tiredness" in light of christ, i know that my tired is not something i take lightly. in my sharing my "tiredness" with another pastor i was told to "shake it off and get over it" - ever get tired?


iggy said...



With a full time job that robs about every ounce of energy I have, two toddlers... working in the fellowship...


I'll be praying with you my friend.


Stephen said...

praying, jok!

ph0rman said...

Oh yeah, I often find myself in this situation as well. Here are two thoughts that could be helpful:
1. I've been often surprised at how much energy is expended in simply coordinating or serving as part of a "church service" -- don't think that "it shouldn't be so draining" just because of the context.
2. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. -- This is the #1 hardest thing I'm learning right now, it may be worth it to see if this is something God wants to work on you about as well.

Blessings, peace and joy be yours through the grace of our Savior,

Jeffrey said...

hell ya man, i get tired too...so i know how ya feel

Gary said...

Yeah I get tired. Then I think about all the people who are being raped and killed becuase of their faith, who are dying of aids and malaria, who can't find food or water...and I get un-tired real quick.

Dwayne Hilty said...

With two toddlers, a wonderful wife, a part-time job, and "full-time" church planting (not to mention trying to find a supporting church)...yeah, your blog resonates with me today.

I'm with you on the lame "we are just human" excuse. I think it's a weak cop-out. I especially hate it when people spin that line after doing some really stupid, as though God didn't create us in his image, but made us "just human."

Gary said...

by the way, just a side note: My comment was not meant to be flippant or disrespectful. I just wanted to say that when I get tired, I stop and get perspective on my tiredness in light of how the world is tired.

john o'keefe said...

gary -

bro, not taken as flippant - i knew where you were coming from and all is cool on my end bro :D

the varification code to "prove it is me" for this comment is - so cool - "tiredi" - too funny and too random :)

spamthewunderdog said...

That is so so funny man. The verification code for this post is MDGLSTN

Maybe it is telling me that if I eat too many big macs I will get gallstones?