ministry placement up

we know it took longer then we figure, but we did it - given coding issues, design issues and just dealing with the time to do it, along with living our lives and keeping our families happy - but the ministry placement is up and running - in beta. while we have received a great number of comments from people saying "about time" we have also received emails from people saying "why?" well, to answer that we need to share our heart -

we did this, not to make a buck, because we felt there was a deep need to place emerging thinkers in emerging communities where they feel welcomed. there is nothing more destructive to a person then to be placed in a community of faith where their thinking is not the same as the community. the idea is that the communities placing an ad would be emerging, at some level; and the people looking at the ads would also be emerging at some level. this way there is at some core connection a union between people and community.

there is a fee, but trust me it is not a big fee and it is not designed to cause the ministry to suffer - it is designed so that we can help pay some of the expense connected with ginkworld - hosting fees, bandwidth fees and the like. our only concern is that we keep moving forward in this ministry - so, what is the fee? $54.00 to list the ministry opening for three months, and there is no fee for people to look and search the database for different positions.

take a look, check it out and let us know what you think - we truly desire your input.

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