what do YOU do?

i had lunch with a good friend yesterday and we were talking about church- and what needs to be done in and about churches today. here are some of the things i think the church needs to confess, and seek forgiveness, as they strive to walk closer to where God desires them to be.

i believe that the american church has lost its true call: i see the church concerned with numbers; members, money and ministry - they center of the idea that the bigger they are, the more money they have and the more ministry they offer means they are "more blessed" by God - they

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Adam said...

i think something the church is missing the mark on - at least american churches - is being a "word" oriented ministry. i don't mean word like the bible, i mean word as in speaking. i see people in churches and church leaders saying a lot. a lot. planning, saying, promoting, hyping, recruiting.

i think we need to move towards a "reality" oriented ministry. churches need to realize that sunday morning only takes up an hour of a person's week. we need to acknowledge that no body tithes. we need to acknowledge that a very small percentage of individuals who attend sunday services are active within that church family throughout the rest of the week.