i will admit i am still in process over this idea, but it is one that struck me the other day. ever since i became a christian i have heard people say "we need to be selfless in our actions to others." i was talking with a great friend and he mentioned the same thing, "we need to be selfless" - when he said it i did not hear "selfless" i heard "selflast" - and i think i like that view of life.

to me, being "selflast" means i place all others before me - i am willing to give all i have to help others in need - now, that may not be the smart thing to do, but i think it is the Jesus thing to do.

as i mentioned at the start, this is in process - help me flush this out. give me your ideas, your voices count and i trust what you will share - comment, and let me know

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Rick said...

I think it "fleshes out" when we can put others first without worrying about self. Knowing that Jesus somehow has our backs - I can fling myself out there for you even if there's nothing in return for me, probably better if there's nothing in return, because Jesus has my interests in His hand. Maybe instead of having any sense of "self" at all, even in counting myself "last" - maybe it's settling into trust. Kinda like "if you knew you'd never fail, what would you do?" - knowing that He's got me like that, so I can do this for you. Just my first thoughts, nowhere near where I'd classify self right now.