what part of love don't we understand?

i am amazed at how many people desire to "qualify" love in different ways. we stretch it, we mold it, we sell it - but we always seem to discount it when it comes to loving those who are different then us. we find reasons not to love, and that to me is amazing.

why do we discount love? why do we make excuses for not loving? why are we seeking something we are unwilling to give to others? what part of love are we having a hard time understanding? what does a community of faith look like if it is willing to place the love of others over the love of self? can we strive to reach a point in our journey where love is the center of our thoughts and actions? if, as Jesus tells us, we are known to be his followers if people can see our love for each other - how known are we? do people look at us and turn away? do people see in us, and in our actions, the love of Christ? can it be said of us, "they love each other greatly?" where do we see love in our lives? at what point do we give into love and allow love to control our walk? why is it we love in the easy times and not in the hard times? why is it so important that others love us, but less important that we love others?

what part of love don't we understand?


Michael said...

We were discussing the definition of "relational church". Love , Respect and Honor were some of the characteristics we came up with. I think the biggest factor that prevents us from loving is our selves. Self gets in the way of loving because it is hard to put others before your self on a consistent basis.

Traci said...

love is an act of the will not an emotion; just do it

ph0rman said...

We love _only_ because He first loved us.

IMHO, whenever we try to "love" from our own strength it becomes perverted . That perversion can lead us into horrible self-delusions.

The only way I can see to really love others, is to _first_ let Christ love me.