bring it on

jason clark writes the following, and i agree - it's a coming

"We have been told that a few high-powered conservative evangelical voices have targeted us for critique. We have expected this for some time, and have so far been impressed by how generous and restrained critique has been. That restraint may end soon. When it does, we need to be prepared to keep a sweet spirit about critiques, and not become distracted by them. In many cases, the critiques will be based on issues that are relatively unimportant to us; in other cases, they will be unfair. In some cases, they will actually help us, as they help make clear the differences between emergent and other approaches, so people can make intelligent choices about where to invest their energy. We don't want everyone to join us, and we are glad that some non-emergent leaders will succeed in steering some people away from us, as they will be happier and more productive elsewhere."

well, all i can say is bring it on. i believe all people have a place and can express their faith in ways that are meaningful to them - and i will never condemn a person for holding fast to that faith - and i would pray that those who desire to find holes in my pockets will have the same eye towards grace, love and freedom. while i am not a bridge builder, i am not a bridge burner either. i live quite happy on my side of the river, and if you want we can visit the other side - we might get a bit wet, but the camp fire at homes is warm and stoked - dry cloths are also available.

over this year i have experienced this first hand, and it has been draining - but i still stand. i have had "fundies" join the message board on ginkworld and attack me personally over some very silly issues - while i will admit to being dragged into some of the debates, i have learned not to fight with people desiring blood.

while i will support any emerging voice that speaks out (because i believe in the community), that voice must know that they do not speak for us all - ginkworld does not speak for all, the ooze does not speak for all, emerging village does not speak for all, emergent does not speak for all - no one voice speaks for us all - at best, one voice speaks for that one voice. it is not one voice, but a collection of those voices - from the radicals (like me) to the "bridge builders" that can form a voice - but a voice formed with simply the bridge builders will not speak to the more radical of the family - to truly be a voice heard, we must be willing to listen and then speak.


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