santa claus wears a red suit, he's a communist...

i am not 100% sure where i heard it, but i am kinda sure it was in my father's collection of weird music. my dad had the weirdest collection of music i ever heard; some of the songs still ring in my head - and they still whorp my reality at a core level :) if i had anything i would blame my father for, it would be my desire to hear whacked music - anyway, i digress :)

i remember the song about santa - and i think it went like this; "santa claus wears a red suit, he's a communist. santa claus has long hair and a beard, so he must be a pacifist. And what's in the pipe that he's smoking? Santa Claus comes in your house at night. He must be a dope fiend to get you up tight."

the song is funny, and eye opening. funny, because when i mentioned this to a third grade teacher, she got all up set - how dear i, or anyone, make fun of santa? the funny part of this was it was at a school board meeting where they were discussing the need to seperate "church and state" - the teacher just got done speaking on how we need to keep "christiany" out of the school room - she had just given a rant on the abuses of christianity and that jesus had no place in the lives of third graders. eye opening, because people just don't get it.


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tina said...

this song is called pause of mr. claus by arlo guthrie. you can find it at metacafe as Arlo Guthrie's Pause Of Mr. Claus