i refuse to accept any killing

why is peace outside our grasp? why is it that we find it easier to kill then to forgive? what is in our hearts that darken our thoughts to the idea that taking a human life is acceptable? the hard part for me, is no that the world thinks this way - but that those of us who claim to be christian feel that way.

war is not part of our faith, or at least it should not be. it seems that we have accepted war soon after we became the official religion of the roman state. when the christian faith became "the faith" we started to gain power, and that power corrupted the teachings of christ to fit the needs of man gaining power. war is wrong, no matter how you define it, no matter how you justify it, no matter what you use as logic to defend it - all war is wrong. the idea that anyone would take the life of another seems so far beyond my reasoning, so far beyond my scope of the faith that it blinds me to ever seeing a valid point for war.

what good would come from killing? taking the life of another will not solve anything, it just keeps the cycle of hate running wild. my stomach turns when i hear of people being killed just because they were in the area - but the part that burns my spirit even more, is is that those who claim to follow christ writing off this killing as "the cost of war." instead of speaking out against the killing, they sit back and give excuses for the killing, they strive to "explain" it as just something that happens - well, i am disgusted and i refuse to say nothing. pastors fear speaking out because they do not desire to offend those in their congregations that have fought in wars - well, i do not fear such actions - war is wrong, taking a human life is wrong - christ's teaching to us is to live in love and forgiveness - learn it and live it.


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