connection church

we have been so busy with getting the house ready for sale that i never posted on what great news we have :)

i have been offered, and i accepted, the position of "lead pastor" with "connection church" - and we are so very excited. connection is a church located in hickory north carolina and it is so much more then just a "church" - it is a dynamic, exciting, caring, loving, forgiving, expressive, "connective" group of people - their collective heart is expressed in their willingness to serve the community [without expecting any return] and their willingness to openly help and love everyone who enters the gathering.

we spent 11 days eating, talking, laughing, embracing, knowing, and "connecting" to people we felt we knew all our lives. we know God is in this in many ways and we trust in His plans for us and our new family and friends at connection.

also, we are in the process of developing a very cool worship center - it will be a "bistro/coffee shop" durring the week and a place were we can worship and gather as a community as we need - and we can sure use some financial help:) so, if you have some extra money sitting around, and you would like to help us get "connection 247" off and running we would love the help :) you can get the address by clicking this link [this link] anything you can do would be very cool :)


John said...

awesome bro, i am excited for you. we are moving too to delaware.

thekeez said...


Stephen said...

Hey that's fantastic John! Perhaps we can see you sometime down there. We head down to charlotte every few months. Be sure you connect with Steve Knight and Warehouse 242 (currently our favorite church in the US) in Charlotte!