a few things

first thing, never mow the lawn and wash/wax the car when you shave your head - man, that sun hurts :)

second thing, lists - they drive me crazy and i hate them, so here is my "10 things i hate about 10 thing lists:"

1. they are not always funny.
2. large boils, it has nothing to do with the list - i just hate large boils
3. everyone is doing it so it seems cool
4. i would rather do a "8 things" list
5. sometimes they just seem like they are grabing for ideas (look at number 2)
6. things seem to be repeated all the time
7. things seem to be repeated all the time
8. sometimes it's hard to come up with 10 things, so you need to repeat
9. it seems to be an over kill of things people like or dislike
10. i just hate lists

just my thoughts today :)

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Andrew said...

Nice list!