theological vs. political

it never seems to amaze me but what starts as "theological" soon turns to the "political" (and i am so not into politics :) ). we start talking about the poor, and it turns to what the government is doing, or not doing - we speak of killing people and it turns to the "politics" of killing - we talk of care, and then right to the politics - we speak of greed and again - politics. we are also very willing to condemn the views of others and question their christianity because they do not belong to the "right political party." when we ask people to leave the church because we disagree with what they say or do, we have turned the theological into the political. i can think of two cases right off the top of my head, both dealing with the SBC where people who did not hold "popular political positions" were asked to leave the church; the "NC9" (9 members of the east waynesville baptist church [google]) and "judge greer" from the schiavo case (who attended calvary baptist church in clearwater [google]). why? are we that lost to the word of God that we seek guidance from political minds instead of God? are we that lost that we think humans have a better solution then God does?

the idea of politics, and the function of politics, has nothing to do with what we are to be as christians. my faith governs my views, my views do not govern my faith. the biggest problem i see, and i have noticed in others as well, is that how one views politics is how one views scripture - people are defining what God says against the political views they hold. i see this as the biggest problem facing the church today - allowing politics into our faith, instead of allowing our faith to influence our politics. now, i an certain some will think that they are allowing their faith to guide their politics, but i wonder - is that the case? for me, it's hard and a process i am working on daily. i strive hard to go beyond me, and into others. while people involved in politics think they are "helping others" their "help" is always governed by what they get out of it, or how it will help a friend. my faith tells me that if i gain, then i am not seeing the other person first, and if i benefit then i have another motive besides the heart of christ to help others. when i hear politics, it is not the voices i desire to hear.

as a christian i believe in the following as it pertains to my walk with christ:
i follow the teachings of christ, and reject all political points of view: if, during the conversation a theological view is being expressed politically, i will walk away. for example, if we are talking about how we care for the homeless and hungry, and we start to discuss what the government is and is not doing, then we are no longer speaking of what our faith tells us we must do and we are placing the "blame" on another - i desire not to be involved in that conversation. my heart is to help, not to be concerned with how little others are doing. i believe it defeats the purpose of my faith, and moves me to a place where nothing will be done.

i am willing to go against the "norm" because i believe God is leading me to another place: i am very willing to reject the teachings of humanity, and walk in the light of christ. i believe we are to follow the teachings of christ 100% and no less. this idea that we cannot because we are "fallen" is wrong, and negates his death on the cross and the relationship we hold with God through christ. when we use the "fallen state of humanity" we are using a false argument that simply shows we do not grasp the reality of christ in our lives. as a christian we are changed - we are new - we think differently and we seek to help others out of love. as a christian i am willing to stand against the push of humanity, and go with the flow of christ.

i will only follow the teachings of christ, not the desires of man - not matter the results: i will not change my views based on human desires, or perceived benefits. my faith is not governed or directed by the desires of man, but rather by the grace and love of christ. if lying will help a person, i still refuse to lie. while the "instant" result might help that person, the long term effect might not - and the slope one starts to fall on at that point may not stop sliding.

i will always apply grace in my walk, and not law: because i confess my sins, and not the sins of others i seek grace over law. i do not live in the "law of moses" i live in the grace of christ - living in grace is much harder then living in law - law is "black and white" and grace is all the colors in between. grace requires i go beyond the self and into the hearts of others - grace requires i connect, interact and most of all i love, forgive and accept.

i seek to be right in the eyes of God and not in the eyes of man: i do not care if my views are accepted by others; i only care that i am walking in faith as i see God leading me. if i believe a particular view is right in the eyes of God, no matter how many people tell me i am wrong, i will not move from what i believe God is telling me via his word. i refuse to be "bullied" into a position i believe violates the word of God to make others happy: no amount of pressure will get me off task to follow God. but that is not to say i discount community and the value others bring to my life.

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As always, you're a breath of fresh air!!

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