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the aleutian & pribilof peoples of alaska have decided not to take citgo' offer of free, or reduced heating oil. these people, because of where they are located, pay between $5 and $7 a gallon for heating oil, their average bill could run hundreds of dollars a month, and in a culture that does not have much this is hard.

i am not interested in the politics, but i care about the people - we should all care about the people. they need our help - and you can give directly to them, and go through no middle-man.

to help, visit this site - they truly need us to help as we can. please share this with your community of faith and see how they can also help.

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Craig said...

I followed the link and then clicked again for more information. This is a very interesting story indeed!
The Alaska-Inter Tribal Council's loyalty to Bush reminds me of David's loyalty to Saul.
I'm not an American, so as someone on the outside of the situation, I don't want to be rude by developing the theme of the similarities that I see between these two situations too much... it's probably enough to just mention that David choose not to kill saul when he had the chance because he had respect for the authority that saul had been given by God.
Is the Alaska-Inter Tribal Council showing a similar kind of loyalty? or is it possible that Bush is giving them tangable reasons for loyalty that weren't mentioned in the article