we were hacked

well, we think we have it all - alan hartung has been great and so has stephen miracles [stephen helps develop ideas and code, just wait he emailed me during this entry with a very cool up coming idea] - but we got hacked :) it may sound silly but for some reason i have seen this as more of a learning experience, a "good thing," as opposed to a pain in the ass, a "bad thing." we were hacked by some islamic group, or a group that is claiming to be islamic, who seems to be against the pope and a whole grip of other things. here is a copy of the text that was on the screen:

Tarihim, şerefim, şiirim, her şeyim:
Yer yüzünde yer beğen !
Nereye dikilmek istersen,
Söyle, seni oraya dikeyim !

Musul Türk tür Türk Kalacak

Tüm Türkmen kardeşlerimize selamlar

Fuck you fransa, papa and vatikan

- La France a assasiné ler Turcs à Gallipoli 1915
- La Frane a teé des milliers Algériens en 1945. Les saldats Français antmontré le courage de se photograpier avec les jeune Algeriennes nues qu�ils ses ant forcement couchés.
-La France a toujours soutenu le terreurisme ils étaient avec les terreurists depuis des anneés.
-La France estun pas impérialiste
- Fucked France

Metlak marque du monde, présente ses salutations à tout le monde.


interestingly, i have tried to find out about this "metlak" and from what i have found out i think i agree with some of the stuff he has been posting on the net - while the hacking part that drives me crazy, "his" words are very clear and on the money. i think he has a voice worth hearing. "he" [not sure of the gender, or it metlak is a group] is anti war more then anything else he is speaking against the killing of the innocient people in the wars in his area. i agree with him 100% on stoping wars, stopping the killing and stopping the genocide that seems to be running through the area.

i believe certian people, and certain policies desire to keep the killing. they see it as "ridding the world of evil." but in reality, the average person is not "evil" and is not trying to kill anyone - many are simply trying to live, work and raise a family in a part of the world where we fight for something as stupid as oil. then, to add insult to injury, our "religious leaders" insult their faith and never even come close to saying "sorry." here is a very simple message he wrote on another hack:


how can anyone be against something so simple, so basic and so true - his cry is that we stop the killing, stop the opression and stop the hurt. why is that so hard to grasp? have we become a people so caught-up in our own "system" that we forget the words of our master, jesus the christ? have we walked so far away from the ideas of peace and love he gave us? are we so close to having a country based soly on the call of politics, economics and power that we forget to love, give and walk in peace?

sure, the hack is a pain in the ass, and i would rather his voice be heard in another way - but i wonder if we would listen if he simply had a blog? we are in the process of rebuilding our search area, because that seems to be the last effected area - this has been a very interesting adventure, and one that opened my eyes. i have always been against war [as many know] but now i can place a "name" to another, on the "other side" who has the same heart. -


Brother Maynard said...

Hey, at least it didn't say Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin


Miracle said...

Yeh at least one of us were calm about it. I freaked out a little, but am quite impressed with your ability to see the deeper issue than just a criminal and juvenile hack. 2 thumbs up, and we need to contact the guy to give him a job well done :)

Craig said...

Hi John,
I just watched an episode of W5 where they talk about a church here in ontario that people believe has become a cult.
I just blogged my reactions and included the link to the story and video.
The church looks really cool in some ways and then when they looked a bit closer at it, it seemed a bit off.
I thought you might find it interesting. I'm interested in what your reaction would be.

Alan said...

John -

You're much more gracious than I. If I met the guy in person, I'm afraid my pacifism would fail and I'd have to repent later.

I agree with the antiwar stuff, I'm a huge proponent of pacifism whenever truly possible (which is nearly all the time... if not all the time in my faulty :D opinion). And while I know you don't condone how he gets his message out, I think there's a deeper issue to hackers and attacks. It is a form of violence, just not physical. I've worked hard to build up my business and have lost a minimum of three websites because of this incident. There will probably be more when annual billing cycles end.

Two of my customers have invested countless hours in a new business venture, and they spent a good deal of advertising money in the days prior to the hack. Who knows how much business they lost.

Another customer began selling hosting as a reseller two days prior to the hack. And he sold a few accounts in those two days. How do you think his customers feel with the service?

I've had to spend so much time fixing things on the server and then the reload which took many more hours than projected that my biggest account has been neglected. If I lose that account, I'm back to wondering if I have to move back to Indiana because I won't be able to afford to live in L.A.

This isn't a whiny woe is me comment (at least it's not intended to be), it's a comment about violence. It doesn't have to be physical to inflict damage. Personally, I would've rather gotten my ass kicked on my birthday (that's when the hack occurred... on my birthday) than have had this happen.

A person who claims antiwar rhetoric as their mantra but inflicts such violence on others deserves no praise for his beliefs nor his actions.

Of course, I'm a little biased and not near as gracious as you :D