"faith forward"

i have been driving myself crazy this past month with doing some very cool things - first, we are moving the church i serve as lead pastor to a new location. we are the only church in the area that would willingly change locations with a bar....twice. we are excited about the move and what God is doing in our community of faith - check out our new site and new name [247thechurch.com]

second, i have been helping put together a site for the "faith forward" forum happening - in of all places - the crystal cathedial. it should be a very cool event one where they are trying to bring together the traditional, contempary and the emerging to speak with each other. for me, the excitement comes in the form of hanging out with some old freinds - len sweet, chis seay, jim palmer and the like and to make some new ones -

here is the very cool part - me and spencer burke [the ooze] will be running the blogger cafe and are so very excited about what is happening. it would be great to hang out with some ginkworld friends, and the ooze friends and make some new friends - so, drop by and visit if you are at the event - check out the site [tweeking it as time moves along] and register for the forum. i think this will be a great opportunity for the emerging/evolving church to set to the plate and take a swing at the ball - i hope to see some friends out there :)

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