going crazy

it has been a crazy past few weeks. about a month ago we were approached by a local bar owner about switching buildings, and it has been one wild, God filled ride after another.

we have moved to a very cool, new location that we believe will allow us to do so much more - and do it with the style and grace we desire. we have gone through some major changes [and i am in the process of writing more about that in an article entitled "the evolution of a church."] from our name, we are now "247 the church" to our look - but in all this, we have keep the core - in fact, we are become more committed to God and what God can do with us. in just this short period of time we have seen God work in some very powerful and eye opening ways - as for the future? well, we are all wearing shades :D

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Keith said...

So how's your journey John? Last I heard you were heading to Cali. Hope all is well. Will be praying for 247 the church and hope to visit when we're out there. You are in Cali correct? If so, what part? We're in the east valley of Phoenix and make it out to the beaches in Cali to get out of the heat in the summer. Stay in touch and keep wearing them shades. :-)