world aids day?

this may sound like i am "bitching," and maybe i am, but i am not impressed with all the churches lighting candles for "world aids day." i find it insulting and all in the game of religious politics. what i have been able to gleam from all this is that denominations get a little press; religious leaders can look a bit more "jesus-like;" photo ops are posted on denominational news sites so the followers can say how impressed they are of their leaders; articles pour into the news services; but mostly i think those people get a kick out of hearing themselves speak.

if aids were truly an issue for the different churches making bold proclamations why are they not making them when the camera are facing the other way? why is this only "big news" when they can smile, have their picture taken and can say, "look at what we're doing - we truly care about aids people." where were they when my friend was in the hospital with aids and i was almost fired from the church because i hugged him and held his hand, while the denominational leaders told me that i should have never embraced the man, and i should resign - and then turn right around and say [in public view] that we need to work together to end aids. i find this pompous on their part.

for me aids is a all year long, every day event that is killing millions of people all over the world - one day of pictures and speeches is nothing, it is less then nothing; it is rediculas. i would love to see them put their money where their collective mouths are - spending on aids has declined, some churches still see it as a curse sent by God on those "gays." while many other just turn a blind eye, unless they can get their name in the paper. aids is killing people, and we need to get off our collective asses and move all year long. i find it intersting that the conservative churches do nothing because it does not impact then directly [if aids only killed old, fat, balding white guys and old over make-uped ladies they would be all over it] and liberial churchs do nothing because that would mean they would need to give up a "wine and cheese tasting night" at the church and get involved in something that mattered and could get them dirty [and that is what they pay others to do].

of all the denominations [i exclude the southern baptists from this because i felt they had too much on their plate, dealing with gay penguins, shunning 16 year old actresses, and and demanding that wally-world not give money to gays] speaking out this one day of the year seems so small, and insulting. to be honest, it is not even a good starting point. all it does is bring attention to how little they are doing throught out the year.

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