Church: the attack of the clones

preachers and church leaders today are not striving to make “little christians,” (it’s what “christian” means) they are striving to make “little clones of themselves.”

we spend billions to evangelize in other countries, yet we refuse to share our faith with those who live next door; we spend countless hours praying over bring “revival” to our cities, yet we won’t get out of our churches or off our knees to make a difference; we hear sermon after sermon after sermon about the importance of our faith, yet we refuse to walk into a bar and sit with others who are in pain and share – over the years, pastors and church leaders have simply made carbon copies of themselves – boring, legalistic, hypercritic who have more hate then love, more law then grace and more empty pews then people seeking a relationship with jesus christ.

what’s the answer? i think it is not to make clones, but to encourage a deeper walk in faith with jesus Christ. i believe, by doing so we open a world of adventure and a flood of emotions. we see each other, and many others, in a new and vibrant light. when we learn that it is not the person in the front who we should be like, but the on one the cross, we come to a new life, a new expression, a new reality – one filled with possibilities and not problems, one filled with friends not foes, one filled with compassion not complaining, one filled with individual christians and not clones.


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