i was thinking of posting today, but because it's friday the 132th i figured i would hold off until the 14th - wait, if that is the case, i should not be writing this! am i posting when i say i am not posting? is posting a "not posting" message a post? see, now i am into posting - and i did not want to post - of did i? could this be my "id" speaking to me saying "person of the id" (because the id is very "self-centered" and would never us the word "self") "you need to post today, so i will make you post with nothing." but the problem is, can you post "nothing?" because, if you post anything is it nothing? if you post, it's something; so it can never be nothing - i wonder if my id is working? anyway, i need to get off before my brain explodes with all this looping -


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