new look

well, those (or that, depending on your view of split personalities) crazy people (or person) did it again - they redesigned ginkworld.net - it's crazy, it's wild and most of all - it looks pretty good. but to be certian, take a look and let us (or him) know what you (or you all) think about the new look - we (or he) thinks it's great.

the "bennies," you ask: it's faster to load, easier to get around, has more info, deeper community involvement and best of all - it is a cure for male pattern baldness. that's right, while we are still seeking fda approval we have found that a constant diet of ginkworld.net actually helps grow hair (mostly in the nose, elbow and ear areas) - we are still in clinical testing and are still gathering detailed information, but we all know deep down in our souls it's true - come on, admit it - you know!

(the possible side effects of a constant diet of ginkworld.net are slight but include, headaches, stomach cramps, blurred vision, muscle spasims, shortness of breath, liquid and explosive body gasses, the fear of small children and the hatered of the letter "z")


ps - punk monkey is back and weird.

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