the glory of tech

i was bored today so i did something i hardly ever do - i went into my "cpanel" and looked at some stats - ginkworld.net is growing at a great rate, over the year that i have been using this hosting company our average monthly hits have climed from a little over 5,000 to just over 10,000 - cool. but in that good news comes some strange news - it turns out that i have an email address connected to my "cpanel" and i did not know it - so, i looked in and what did i find? some 1,200 emails dating back to 12/22/02 - all that missed email - some was junk, no problem - but some of it was friends, and i missed getting back with them because of this little known catach all that seems to direct email to that account, as it sees fit. so, it you emailed me durring this period, i am sorry if i did not return your email - it was nothing against you, honest - tech is grand.


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