i was surfing around this morning - checking on my fav sites, to see what happening in the lives of some cyber-friends - i hit the bridge in phnx, becasue aaron is such a cool guy - i visit with jordon cooper, becasue everyone needs to visit jordon cooper - i hit the ooze, to see if my articles were still up (hey, i'm honest) - i hit next-wave, because i own charlie an article and i have to get my butt in gear to get it too him - i went to faithmaps, stephen has some great links - and then i hit open source, andrew rulz - that was my morning - pretty standard stuff for a saturday. as i checked my email, too many to read at one time so i check back often, i got a email from a new friend in canada (bc area) who pointed out this little "marketing blurb" from "outreach marketing" it read:


ok, i like marketing just as much as the next guy (or gal) and i can truly get into a new and exciting campaign - i love the "bud frogs" (actually, i liked the lizards - too funny) and i watch the superbowl for the ads that will run - and i actually get disapointed when the ads are not too cool - but i think this one is just too far out of bounds. the idea that a church can change it's image because it gets a new logo is just "dog down stupid" - and any "elder" who thinks it can, needs to be taken outside and slapped around for an hour (keeping in mind it must be done in christian love). i can see the meeting now (wavy lines, wavy lines, wavy lines) ....................

"ok, look, our church has a bad rep in this town. we are seen as closed minded, judgemental, cruel and out of step with the times; we are seen as a church filled with people who see dogma as a central part of the faith. people think what we have to offer is not what they need. we have boring music, out of touch sermons and our youth program is dated to the year 1943. given all that, we need something new, all those in favor of developing a new logo raise your hands. good, motion carries, we will have a new logo - now, pastor tell us about your up coming sermon series where you blast gays, unwed mothers, drug addicts, unbelievers and any of the churches that do not agree with us."

what's changed? but hey, thay have a new logo


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