over time it sinks in, and over time it forms a stark reality that you deal with - the church is dead. now, before you get you panties in a twist think about that - the church is dead. it is; it truly is. the deeper i get into this thing called "theology" the deeper i ceom to the realization that the church is dead and beyond help - now that that is said let me add that i believe a community of faith is alive and well. let me expain what i mean by "church:"

church is a place of duelisms - where the right hand does not even know there is a left hand, never mind anyother part of the body. a church is a place that uses it "humanity" as a reason for it's problems, while at the same time claiming to be transformed by the spirit. it is a place where one is taught in "one baptism, one faith, on God: as long as it is our method of baptism, our understanding of faith and our God. a place where we believe in the "priesthood of all believers" yet we maintain and demand a "priestly class." a place where they speak of healing, yet cause the most pain on a person. a place where love is spoken in the open, and gossip is taled about behind. a place where you are hugged, while being stabbed in the back - a church is a placve where people are tole they are welcomed, yet their ideas are not. a church is a place where money and building are the central ministries.

a community of faith, while nowhere near perfect, is a place where people can love, are looked to for love and accepted with open arms. a community of faith is not a place where they claim anything they can not do - they are honest, transparent and open to change - a place where people admit their humanity without claiming any level of perfection. - it is people searching for a relationship with people by coming to God.


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