a broken heart:

i am not sure about others, but when i heard that mr. rodgers died my heart was broken. i can remember many a day sitting in front of the tv and watching him and wondering why my father could not be more like him; i can remember watching him on tv and knowing in my heart that he would never get drunk, beat his kids and be gone for days - when my life was up rooted, mr rodgers was a life line a safty zone - a place i could go and seek safty. to some he was a geek - but to me he was the father i never had. as i worked through my emotions today concerning this wonderful, blessed and caring man - i an hurt by the realizating that new generations will not have this man - except in re-runs. when i look around for a "human role model" i think we can not do much better then mr. rodgers - a man who loved kids with out fault, and was willing to be honest and transparent with us.

today i had a great loss. as deep a loss as if i had lost a "real father." there was a time in my life were i figured mr. rodgers to be corny, out of date and our of step with the word - but in my heart i know there could never be a voice so loud as that or mr. rodgers to an emerging community - his love, his grace, his acceptance, his hionesty, his transparent heart and mostly his constant warmth and "being there" for each and eveyone of us who needed to know that the world was safe - mr. rodgers, thank you for all you did for me, and for all who wathced you, knew you, loved you and wiched we could have just a bit of your compassion.

john o'keefe - a rodgers fan.

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