it's my ball, and i'm going home:

i got an email from a friend who wanted me to know that one of the sites he visits, removed any mention of me, ginkworld.net and punk monkey from their site. he said that when he emailed the site to ask why - all he got was "nothing" - he told me he emailed three times and each time he did not recieve an answer. he found this interesting because the site did have some links to my blog, ginkworld.net and a few papers i wrote. in his email he asked me what i thought of it all - well, after checking the site i found he was right - but hey, i can live with that. after i came out with my "anti-war" stance, coupled with my desire not to mix politics with that stance - and hold purly to my faith view of war - i fell out of favor with some - and i have the "hate email" to prove it. so, what do i do? i don't worry about it - it's their ball, and they can take it home if they want - it's cool.

but i want to add this - i have also recieved a great many emails from friends who support my views and encourage me to keep going. friends who give me a "e-slap on the back" every once in a while. normaly, being removed from a site would not be something that would effect me, but today i also recieved a number of emails from people who simply want me to stop my anti-war stance and be "more in line with america" - sorry, i desire to be more inline with jesus, and less in line with usamerica - but hey, it's my ball and i'm am home.


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