mike jackson:

i, and 27 million others, watched the jackson interview last night - and i cam away with one simple fact - the man is sick, out of touch with reality and without a dout the most off centered person on this planet - on, not michael, the interviewer - mike was cool, the guy who was doing the interview was sick - real sick. the one part that sticks in my mind is when mike was talking about his love of climbing trees (which is a very cool thing) and having a water ballon fight - which is even a cooler thing - when the clown who was doing the interview saud, "so, you like climbing trees - do you like it more then sex?" mike just looked at the guy like he was a jerk - and the guy was a jerk.

now, i am not a big mike fan - i like his musis and i enjoy his shows - but i am not a memeber of a fan club and all my gloves are matching pairs (plain leather). but when i watched the "interview" i saw first hand how the "news" people can take a simple statement and twist it all out of shape; "you get the nails, you get the wood and we will get this guy mike and we'll nail him up." dies mike have issues - sure, we all do. does mike come from a disfunctional family - sure, we all do. does he have things he has to get past - sure, we all do - but is is a pedo - no. is he "sock" - no. is he being railroaded by a headline hunting media - you bet - and for shame on "baba wawa" for her additional comments - poor shot - it's not fun watching people kick an inocent man when he's down.


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