"the scion conference"

i have been toying with the idea of a "southwest conf." it seems that many of the conferences are either in CA or the midwest - with a few in texas - so, i have been toying with the idea of developing a "southwest conference" some place in AZ or NV - it's most likely AZ (phenx would be perfect). i even have a name for it - tell me what you think "the scion conference" - playing on the meaning of being a "decendant of or heir of an individual" (we are heir to the kingdom) and the planting term, where a scion is a "bud or a branch that is cut and grafted into another plant" - is that not too cool?

anyway - all i need is money, some sponsors, and a group of people willing to speak and teach - game? ideas? email me (gink@ginkworld.net) and help fill in the blanks - i would love to kick it off sometime in 2004 - in the summer (the southwest in the summer is great and theirs a ton of stuff to do) - the conference would need to be "family friendly" - so we will need to put together some very cool "vacation" spots for people to visit with the family - like the zoo - anyway, i have all but decided that it's a go - lacking money and sponsors is a big set back - but i have a good feeling about the possibilities - this is cool. think of it this way, a conference where you can bring your family, have fun and learn - this is important.


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