on average i get about 200 spams a day; i filter, i change email accounts, i even ask to be taken off the list - but i still get the spam. i am of the mid that says, if you ask to be removed from the spam list they know you are good email address so they do not remove you, they sell you to another company - so now i do not ask to be removed - it never works. anyway, back to the spam - i get everything from viagra, hair growth, penis enlarges, credit cards, home loans, and all kinds of "free" stuff - "free" because it actually not "free" - it costs for "shiping and handling." Yeaterday i recieved an interesting spam - no, i have no interest in the product (in fact, my rule is "if you spam me with an ad - including pop-ups - i will never buy your product) but the title was interesting, "the difference between celebration and suffering." my first thought was, "hey, a new 'your voice' article." it was a bummer when i opened the email - it had nothing to do with worship, as i had hoped.


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