2005 top "14" posts

as 2005 five ends, and 2006 gets kicking, i thought i would list some of the "top posts" from ginkworld's blog. now, they may or may not be my personal favs, but they seem to be the others others liked; either by comments or by emails - so, here is the list

>> Why I am Emerging: A Brief Response to James MacDonald

>> what are we not doing?

>> are we ready to be a movement?

>> christian's who hate?

>> "postemerging?"

>> There is a healthy relationship with Jesus without a relationship to the church.

>> what shape is water?

>> if i filled in an app at cedar :)

>> theological vs. political

>> "grace" is harder then "law"

>> anarchy vs. accountability

>> moving can shake the crap out of you.

>> The Evolution of a Conversation:

>> funding or sales market [a rant]

you may, or may not agree - but leave a comment and tell us what you think :)

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