the cost of a movement

what is the cost of a movement? we can see the cost in economic terms. we can express it in the nature of what it costs to attend a convention, and what we spend at each convention buying books and stuff by the publishers that seem to "support us" [or see us at the great untapped market for a dying book industry].

but for me, i see the cost so much more then that. i see it as the cost individuality. to me, a "movement" can becomes a firewall that does not allow dissent. it sets it's parameters to high and blocks all possible differences. one would need to "fit in the lines" drawn by some, and even if supported by the many, before they could be seen as "part of the movement." it has the potential to cause those on the radical fringe to lose voice in something they believed in - we would be no better then the modern/traditional/evangelical church that does not allow us to be comfortable in their walls.

when i was a kid, my father always said, "there is nothing worse then an irish boss." meaning? my father was irish, and he said that it meant that under english control the irish were subject to some very hard stuff, but when an irish person was made "boss" they treated the others twice as hard. Because they wanted to prove something. while voices say, "this will not happen" - history has shown that there is a very good chance that it will happen.

if the cost of becoming a movement is the cost of one person who questions and does not find a home in us, then the cost is too high. if the cost of the movement is that one voice is blocked from being heard, then the cost is too high. if the cost of a movement is that those on the fringe are not invited, not welcomed and not encouraged to speak, then the cost is too high.

the true cost will be seen in the coming months. the "board" of the "E"erging will be expanding. that is as it is, and i for one will see this as a major reality check to see how inclusive they will be to all voices. if the "board" is simply a "whose who" of evangelical, moderates and "the published" then that will speak volumes. but, if voices from all sides are joined together, then that too will speak loud.

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