i love the way jordon handles things.

What kind of e-mail do you hate?
a) E-mail lecturing me for not responding to my e-mail.
b) E-mail telling me everytime you have updated your blog (very high chance of having your e-mail blocked)
c) E-mail that makes assumptions about my theological beliefs that are totally wrong and based on one post.
d) E-mail that is looking for a debate or wanting to attack. It isn't that I don't enjoy debate, I really do but I don't have the time to do as I once did. If you want some excellent theological discussion, head on over to Stephen Sheild's site Faith Maps and sign up for their discussion list or John O'Keefe's ginkworld.net's postmodern theology discussion list. Another great place for discussion is TheOoze's message board and Emergent Village.

jordon has a great way of putting things :)


Stephen said...

most gracious, jok; we miss you on fm!


john o'keefe said...

when i settle in in north carolina i think i will have more time to get back into fm :) i miss it too :)