viva las vegas

we made it to vegas and spent the day with family. we had a great time, all the kiddies running around and playing - life is good, and get's even better.

i have a younger brother who has been fighting addictions for a while, and it looks like he is winning. we lost touch with him, and it seemed that we would never find him - but it turns out he is living in florida with a family member and doing great - living life and getting clean. he is hiv positive, but is doing some very cool changes in his life - can't wait to see his face and know the addictions are being delt with. very cool - good news on the road -

well, tonight we sleep, for later we drive to gallup, nm :)

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monts said...

it's always awesome to hear victory stories like this! it's always hard to see a family member struggle, especially a younger brother but take heart! God is with him...even if your bro is unaware!