la quinta - the way to go!

while this is not a plug for any one chain, we have had great stays at the la quinta hotel in gallup nm, and [believe it or not] "econo lodges" [clovis nm was a great experience]- the service has been great and the people wonderful.

i have come to the conclusion that this experience will produce a wealth of articles, examples and expressions of my faith. travel can do that, and that is cool. here are a few "truths" we have come to so far:

1. three kids + 2,500 miles = hardtime for the parents
2. dogs are great, but....
3. some of the meanest people work in hotels
4. some of the nicest people work in hotels
5. God's plans are not always ours.
6. trust in God makes the trip so much easier
7. portable dvd players are required for a good trip :)

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Chris Alford said...


You may remember me from many moons ago, I'm actually listed as a contributer on a couple of your blogs.

I'm in Columba, SC and would love to hook up with you some time...