no mo hojo

well, we made it to gallup, and let me tell you - if you are ever in las vegas keep far away from the howard johnson' - man was that a bad experience, to the highest degree -

the air conditioner did not work - in a heat wave of 120 in vegas
the fan would shake like it was falling off - over the bed where the kids were not getting sleep because of the heat and the air conditioner not working. then, even though we told them how many there were in the room - 2 adults, 3 kids - they gave us one set of towels - and when we asked for more, they gave us on more. i guess that was ok, because no one wanted to use the bathroom anyway - can things like that grow in las vegas?

i think the topper came when we tried to go swimming. it seems they close the pool at 7:00pm - in vegas?

needless to say, this place is not high on our list of places to stay in vegas - over priced, under cleaned and without a care in the world. when we would say we were not being treated right, all we got from anyone at the place was "ok, by now. ok, by now."

lesson learned :)

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Jeffrey said...

dude! that sucks! Who'd of thought such crappy condintions in Vegas??? I've never had a good experience w/ HoJo's myself. If I were to go to Vegas I would at least want (but probably couldn't afford) to stay in the hotel that looks like a big castle...i'm totally emfatuated with medeival culture