i got an email from jack oliver "deputy chairman of the republican national committee" today thanking me for helping to put the republicans in office - wow. wait, how did he knoiw who i voted for? who told him how i voted? interesting! this can only be seen in two lights: 1) this is simply junk spam sent out by the "rnc" in hopes of rubbing victory in the face of those who did not vote for their people. 2) somehow they were about to get my vote after i voted.

the second seems possible. i voted in nevada and we have "electric voting" - i vote and the info is stored on a card that is later read by another computer, but i wonder. i did notice a lot of cables on the floor - some electric and others, i don't know - now, they could have been heart cables for all the old people helping with the election.

my vote (and i am certian they are reading this vote as well) is that it's spam sent to everyone.... "ha, ha, we won."

"An unprecedented number of Republican volunteers made the difference by working to spread our candidate's message, and get voters to the polls. The tremendous Republican gains were enabled by the incredible work and dedication of Republican supporters and negated the Democrat machine's efforts."

i don't mind winners, and i don't mind losers, but i do mind winners that have to shove it in your face - even when one does not vote for their people -


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