i wonder if it's me, or if i'm just in the same run with everyone else - but are many who claim to be cristian just filled with hot air? sure, they give money, but very little time. on a "republican" end, the political party screams that throwing money at a problem will never solve a problem - only action will - yet the "conserative christians" that fill our churches don't want to do, they simply want to write a check and make it go away.

i have seen this first hand, and i am getting sick thinking about it - one year, while i was the senior pastor, the elders of the church came up with a great idea - all the leaders whould volunteer at a local kitchen and "show" how to help. as the date got closer, and closer - what was to be a show of action, turned into the church writing a check to help with the kitchen - over a months time, every last elder backed out because of "family matters." one elder, at the elders meeting, said, "just because we are unable to go does not mean we should not have the paid staff go - this will be good for them, it should teach them to serve." intersting, as this time of the year comes around, and memories like this pop in my head - i keep asking myself "what would a christian do?" - just an idea.

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