in my seemingly mad search for very cool, and off the wall site, i came across this little gem - the phobia list site - that's right a site that lists many of the phobias - her's some of my personal favs:

theologicphhobia - fear of theology
theophobia - fear of gods or religions
homilophobia - fear of sermons
ecclesiophobia - fear or church
lutraphobia - fear of otters - come on, who could ever fear an otter, please.

as you visit the list - and i know you will - record you fave phobia - here are a few i just though of:

punkamonkalistophobia - fear of stupid lists developed by punk monkey
crapahomilophobia - fear of crappy sermons
megacrapahomilophobia - fear of really crapy sermons
smackawackaduddleophobia - fear of nothing, it just sounded cool

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