there i was, sitting high on the top limbs of a tree looking down on the world wondering where i would travel next. as i was looking over the trees, i noticed in a clearing two bugs walking and fight with each other over who was a true bug. the first bug said, "i have six legs and three body parts, and that is what makes a true bug." the other simply looked and replied, "how silly. i have six legs and three body parts also, that does not make you a true bug - i have antenna, and as every living thing should know - antenna are what makes a true bug." the first bug thought for a second and answered, "i do have antenna, but not only two. mine are hair like antenna all over my body, so that must be a true sign of a true bug." the second simply shock his head with disbelief, "how could you be so silly? that is not the true sign of a true bug." but, just before the second bug could continue a large bird came swooping out of the sky and eat both bugs. as it stood there i asked, "why did you eat those creature?" the bird replied, "they were bugs." then i added, "but they were arguing over which was a true bug. neither thought the other was a true bug." to which the bird replied, "it doesn't matter much what they thought, they were bugs and they both tasted like a bug." and with that the bird flew away.


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