ok, here i am sitting by myself and i am wondering out loud - so don't freak - but i think one foot is bigger then the other. now i know this may not seem like a big deal to you - but that got me looking and i noticed that the entire right side of my body is bigger then the left - and that freaks me out. my right leg, bigger; my right hand, bigger; my right arm, bigger, my right butt cheek, bigger - the whole right side of my body - if this keeps up, i'll be a freak, a laughing-stock of the punk monkey world. as parents walk past me with their children they will say, "look child, that is what a freak looks like. his right side of his body is so much bigger then the left." and the child will scream and cry and run to the safty of their father, who will want to thrash me within a inch of my life because i freaked his child out - this is not good, this is not good at all - oh, wait. i forgot to take my meds this morning - my bad, all will be right in a few hours - as soon as the meds kick in. wow, the power of that little purple pill, or do i take the blue one today? well, time will tell -

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