back in action

i have been trying to post on a regular basis, while it is hard - between all the other stuff of life, i think i have been doing pretty good :) yet, while i have been posting i have let the ball drop on keeping up the links on the side of this blog - and while i read a great many blogs, i left them off the side - well, i changed that, and i will be adding more over time.

as i take on a new role as the lead pastor of connection 247, and get ready to move across county (sorry california, but we will be setting up house in the southeast - north carolina [click here for more on the move] - and loving every second :) ) we will be sharing some very cool stuff with everyone over time.

connection 247 is a very cool three year old community of fiath founded by my friend chad hall - over at "cool churches" (another friend i will be adding to the side list :) ) - as we move into the position as "lead" (this church is so cool, i pinch myself every morning when i get up because i think i am dreaming) - we are in the process of building a worship area that is part coffee shop, part bistro, part art gallery, and all "third place" - i am so blessed to be part of this group of people - their heart is so on task, and their love of people is so what we are to be as christians - God has blessed us in this, and God is blessing them as well.

so, as we move along some things will change - and all for the good - God is wonderful and true to his word.

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