Never buy a lawnmower from Sears

The story:

In the process of moving we are gaining land. Now, that is not a big deal for many people, but by moving across country we are gaining "land" in the new house. While that may seem cool, one needs to remember that now I have to spend Saturday mornings mowing a bigger lawn. What was once done with a nice craftsman push mower, will now take a riding mower. Which brings me to my story.

While looking around our new town we stopped by the local Sears to see what a "riding mower" would cost. While we were there, a couple of sales people came up and wanted to help, which was cool. So, we started to ask questions. Not being from the area, we had a lot of questions. However, before any of my questions were answered, one of the sales people asked how long we had lived in the area. I mentioned that we were interviewing with a church and that if all went well, we would be out at the end of July. With that, the following conversation took place:

"You're a pastor?" he asked (with a big emphases on the "you're")
"Yup." I replied, looking over at Tina.
"Where are you interviewing?
"We are talking with Connection." (By the way, this is the best church in the world)


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Matt said...

Wow... those guys sound worse than the Mormons...

I had the opportunity to preach on Romans 6:1 - 11 today and one of the things I talked about was how sin still rules our life if we spend all of our time and energy avoiding it by setting up new rules to keep us in check. (http://www.msquaredt.com/blog/2005/06/19/672/ is where the sermon's at.)

Good points on the arguments you made about your theological justifications for grace as you described it. I'm bookmarking those!

Peace in Christ--