my new position

well, the ball is rolling and we are excited. i have accepted the position as lead pastor of "connection 247" in north carolina (my bud chad hall, of "cool churches" is the current guy on the spot). we will be moving from california to north carolina on july 15th. we have all ready sold our house and purchased a new home in hickory (we have been blogging on it at our family blog), about an hour northwest of charlotte. i will "start" on august 1st, this is going to be very cool.

"connection 247" is a very different kind of church, and is looking to be something that can reach the community for christ in new ways. we are in the process of redesigning an old two story building (an old nightclub called "the quantum" - yup, we even kept the old sign:) ) in the downtown area and are tuning it into a 9,000 square foot "coffee shop/worship center/third place" - with the top 9,000 square feet still being prayed over.

we have a ton of plans, and with the guidance of God and the creative people at connection we will be reaching out of the box, and doing some very cool things for christ.


Bob said...

Sounds cool. Please print off this post and burn this statement.

and doing some very cool things for christ.

john o'keefe said...

???? now all you need do is explain this :) ????

Bob said...

It came out harsh (I'm not a good editor) but I guess I meant you should go with gleeful expectation of the plans He already has for you. He's been there from the beginning and has so much going on already. It'll beat the pants off of anything any of us could plan to do for Him.

Chris said...

welcome to nc, i'm a church planter in raleigh (originally from stockton, CA), hope all goes well, maybe some day we can connect? we also have a Triangle Cohort, a bunch of us "emerging" folks or however we are defined hang out once a month.

the carnal christian said...

Pmonkey, bro, i am so excited for you! come on south, my man. wife & i have friends up there: we'll have to make a road trip and visit.


: )

john o'keefe said...


that would be very cool :)