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i am never sure how to deal with hate, on any end. sometimes i think if we ignore them they will go, but they never do; sometimes i think if we expose them they will go away, but they never do. it seems that no matter what we do, we can not stop the hate in the name of christ. but i think showing them for who they are, with their own words, is enough - and people can pick their own path. still, it's hard for me to deal with those who teach hate, discord, anger, judgment, and then set themselves up to be one of the "true teachers and church" of the faith. i mean, christians who speak hate and live a "faith" that is so hatefilled that no love of christ can be seen is just so far beyond my scope of thinking, and so not scriptural, so not God. the weirdest part is that they truly believe that the hate they push "IS" love; it is such a misunderstanding of God's love and grace.

i was recently sent this link from a friend who knows i have a hard time with christians who hate. in his surfing, he came upon this site and he could not believe such a place was real. the scary part, this "church" is real -

"What a horrifying reality, to think you will enter God's presence on the day of your death, but then, come to find out on that day, you were actually deceived, and you find yourself in hell. Such is, and will be, the terror of most who call themselves Christians today (Matthew 7:13-14; Luke 13:24; 2 Peter 2:2). They will find themselves weeping and gnashing their teeth (e.g. Matthew 8:12; 22:1-14; 25;14-30; Luke 13:28).

If you are involved with the kind of Christianity that views the "church of Christ", or Billy Graham, or Rick Warren, or James Dobson, or Pat Robertson, or John MacArthur, or Tony Evans, or Greg Laurie, or Charles Stanley, or Chuck Smith, or Fred Price, or J. Vernon McGee, or Charles Blake, or Chuck Swindoll, or T. D. Jakes, or David Jeremiah, or Charles Spurgeon, or Dave Hunt, or David W. Cloud, or Perry F Rockwood, or Neil Anderson, or Robert Schuller, or Jack Hayford, or Benny Hinn, or Miles McPherson, or Ray Comfort, or Chuck Colson, or C. S. Lewis, or Pope John Paul, or Hank Hanegraaff, or Paul Chappell, or any of the like (or any of the likes on "Christian" TV or radio) as godly men, you are not saved. Why? Because, you are on the broad way (Matthew 7:13; 2 Peter 2:2; 2 Timothy 4:3). You have not the characteristic of Christ's sheep (John 10:5). And, men such as these are wells without water (2 Peter 2:17)."
from the home page of the site, with the title "you think your saved, but your not."


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Darrell said...

Went to the link. Truly bizarre! Couldn't help but wonder what would happen if all that zeal went into showing compassion and making disciples.