a little design time -

well, it took long enough but i got the new blog look up and running :) i hope you like it. i wanted to tie it all together and get a flow.

if you notice, we also started up the "praxis study" again; so, if you would like to hook in and be part of the gathering let me know. here is how i see it happening:

1. all who post use "the message" - this way we are all in the same book :) those posting comments do not need to use the message, only those in the original post.
2. while debates are encouraged, insulting will not be allowed.
3. each contributor will "host" for one week (or more) and post daily - time is not the issue as people from all times zones will be posting and commenting.
4. contributors post a scripture, and then comment on that scripture and then encourage others to comment back

praxis is back, and i would love to get others involved :)


Queenie said...

I haven't a clue why you have these rules. I suppose I might as well read from before, or wait to see what you post next...

I do not know what the old design looked like, but this is very enjoyable and pleasant on the eyes.
Very good indeed.


john o'keefe said...

q -

thanks for droping by :) the "rules" are guidelines we have set up for our "praxis study" - it's another one of our blogs :)

Daniel said...

It looks nice. The grey used in the links is a little hard to read on the white, which would be my only tweak. Good stuff.

Jeffrey said...

Love the new design. But I do agree w/ Daniel about the gray on the white.

john o'keefe said...

daniel and jeffrey, i see what you mean - i changed the color of the grey to be a darker grey :) i have to agree - thanks for the voices :)