tame the monster

when i was a kid, my mother use to keep a "special" room spray in my room - on it was written "monster killer" - and before i went to bed, i would spray the room, closet and under the bed with the stuff - my brothers and i knew it would keep the monsters out and we could sleep all night long, knowing we had killed the monsters.

well, i have a good bud who is striving to do the same with a site called "tame the monster" which, as he says it, is "to provide helpful outlets and resources for you to use your own gifts to make the world a better place, believing that you will be transformed through your own participation."

the spray put me at easy, but the reality is the monsters sill run wild - and if we truly get off our ass' we can "tame the monster." - check them out, and help if you can.

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Daniel said...

Great site, thanks for the link