pink is back

one of the best bands i ever heard in my life was pink floyd, and i can still remember the very first time i heard "dark side of the moon" - i was at a friends hous and his mom had this cool looking album, she asked if i like "floyd" and i said i never heard of him :) well, she played every album of pink floyd, and i became a huge fan. so much so, that the the dark side of the moon was the first cd i ever baught. well, i was over joyed when i head pink floyd will reunite to perform at the all-star Live 8 concert in London on July 2.

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Andrew said...

Both Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall are classics! I did enjoyed many illegal substances to the soundtrack of both back in my youth. Wish You Were Here is good, too -- mainly for the title song and "Have a Cigar." I've always enjoyed Pink Floyd's cover art.


P.S. - By the way, which one's Pink?

john o'keefe said...


lol - too funny :)

to me, bass player roger waters is "pink floyd" - he is the crazy man who has the vision and the creative force to be "pink."

guitarist-singer gilmour is the voice - and a great voice; while, keyboardist richard wright, and drummer nick mason round out the grouping :)

and, for my money - the cute one with the wall on her back is "pink."


Anonymous said...

I remember some years ago, we went to hear them at a concert in Holland, my sons were fans of them..; the guys in Holland are pretty tall, so my sons kept me up on their shoulders each their turn, for me to be able to see them on the stage, since I am pretty small. great time !